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Games that can turn anyone into an avid gamer

Sure,Videogames are amazing,but the general consensus about games are not so positive,in fact quite the opposite.Many point their fingers at videogames as a real factor in criminal behavior,violence or any social evil they can come up with.What’s worse,gaming is associated in the minds of the many as just another “unproductive” way of killing time.It’s really disappointing how people are so quick to pass judgement or blame something which they do not understand.Sure games use violence & generally involves killing people,but that violence is always used within a context to depict something of a greater value.Really,can anyone say after completing a game that it was nothing more than a simulation of manslaughter?

The games mentioned in this list are all the reasons to prove those wrong who have such hatred or negative beliefs towards gaming without ever knowing how it feels to play even a single game.So the next time you see one of your friend,parent,teacher or anyone saying that videogames are nothing more than engaging in ultraviolent activities or something ‘taboo’,just encourage them to play any one of these games for at least an hour & they will be succumbed helplessly to the power of the supreme interactive entertainment that videogames truly are.And yes,remind them to pick up their jaws from the floor due to the sheer awesomeness that these games will throw at them at an unrelenting pace.

on your command

on your command

5.Marvel Ultimate Alliance:The definitive game for all the comics fans out there.A game where you can control characters like Spiderman,Iron man,Thor,Doctor Strange,Wolverine and many others in an entertaining plot consisting of almost all the super villains in the marvel universe & visiting all the memorable places ranging from Atlantis to Asgard–this game is simply a must for even the most casual fans out there.Not the best action rpg(obviously),the game still provides many hours of engaging gameplay & lots of collectibles.

4.Batman:Arkham Asylum:This is simply the game all Dark knight fans needs & deserves.Rocksteady’s masterpiece grants the player to literally get into the cowl of the caped crusader in one of the most intriguing batman stories ever conceived.The game pits Batman in the iconic Arkham asylum against many of his foes including the likes of the Joker,Bane,Scarecrow,killer croc,has diamond polished level of gameplay & nails pretty much everything else.It’s really hard to find faults with this game.

3.Mass Effect:Let’s face it,EVERYONE loves stories and this is what the Mass Effect series has in abundance.The original mass effect from 2007 in my opinion,is the strongest in the series in terms of storytelling.The story of organics & synthetics,all the different species,the mass relays,the mysterious machine race known as Reapers & a fully realized galaxy with vast lore is enough to get lost in for anyone no matter how much disinterest he/she might hold for gaming.By the time someone finishes this game,they simply cannot wait to play Mass Effect 2 & 3 & proudly call themselves a fan.

2.Portal:Playing Portal is a realization of what interactive mediums such as videogames are truly capable of.Through the use of mind bending fun gameplay & clever narrative,portal packs more than enough punches to win anyone’s heart(and mind) and convert them to a gamer.Puzzle solving has never been this much addictive.Gamer or non-gamer,it’s literally impossible for anyone to play Portal and not love it and the credits song just serves as the icing on the cake(pun very much intended).

1.The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim–Skyrim is the creme de la crem experience of anyone looking for an adventure and simply put,that’s pretty much everyone.This is a game that not only converts anyone into an avid gamer,it makes a slave out of them.College semesters,Office schedules & all other mundane activities simply disappears into the wind as the player looks at the far horizons from the peak of High Hrothgar.And even if they manage to get on with regular life,the mysterious cave in the forest they found last night or how to forge a dragon armor cloud their thoughts.Skyrim casts a spell on anyone who plays it & doesn’t let go,not before consuming more than a thousand hours of their lives,maybe even more.No matter how much negativity anyone holds about videogames,after getting a taste of Skyrim he/she will wonder what they have been doing all these years & what took them so long.Yup,that’s the power of videogames.


The Legacy of Mass Effect

As everyone knows,the last entry of the Mass Effect Franchise,Mass Effect 3 was released back in march.While the ending was incomplete and after a lot of protest & campaign Bioware released the Extended cut free dlc which did fill some plotholes of the original ending.Though it was far from perfect,it did give some sort of closure to the franchise.Nearly a month later,looking back at the journey of the 3 games brings some great revelations to me.

The first game,Mass effect,released in 2008 for pc was more on the rpg side.The cover mechanism was a bit unpolished and the inventory system could’ve been a lot better but the rest of the things introduced in the game was so much mind blowing and ahead of it’s time.The Galaxy,the mass relays,the various races,intergalactic counsil,everything was so detailed it felt a truly realized universe with vast lore & culture.I still remember my first visit to the citadel.Unforgettable.The intergalactic species-Turians,Batarians,Krogans,Salarians each had their distinct characteristics that all made sense.Just like the Humans evolved from the apes,the Turians is a species evolved from the birds,Salarians evolved from amphibians and Krogans evolved from lizard.It all  made sense.For the first time in gaming,ME was a franchise that was comparable to major other series like Star Wars & Lord of the Rings in it’s scope & originality. The story was regarded as one of the,if not the greatest stories ever told in gaming.The characters-Tali,Garrus,Liara,Wrex was truly believable & had their own personalities.They weren’t just any average squadmates with conversational abilities,they were fully realized beings.I consider the supremely crafted characters in the ME franchise to be one of the milestones in gaming.

The Normandy crew

The People of Normandy

The story of the trilogy was unlike any other in gaming,period.The storyline involving the destiny of the galaxy with all organic & synthetic lifeforms,the sentient machine race known as the Reapers,the galactic lifecycles,the extinct race called Protheans & their technology is something that sits atop the gaming hall of fame.In Mass Effect 2,back in 2010,Bioware stripped down the rpg elements a bit too much & it was more of  a cover based third person shooter with rpg elements cleverly intertwined.But it was also a title which contained none of the weaknesses  and all the strengths of it’s predessessor manifold.ME2 is rightfully regarded one of the greatest game ever made(IGN named it no1 in their list of greatest games of all time).ME2 was more of a character centric game than ME and what a terrific bunch of charcters it brought.Mordin Solus ,in my opinion is the greatest character introduced in the history of gaming.His character devolopment through ME2 & ME3 is something that is previously unseen in gaming.

ME3 was the culmination of the trilogy which tied all the knots of the previous 2 games.ME3 brought back some of the rpg elements from the first game including weapon customization & some more skill trees.The cover & shooting mechanism was improved from ME2.While it was a bit linear than ME2,it contained some of the greatest narrative missions and moments in the history of gaming.The Genophage mission in Tuchanka in my opinion,is one of the finest written narratives in gaming.Shephard & Garrus’ shooting bottles in the top of the presidium is one of my fondest memories in gaming.Makes me smile every time I play it,it made me realize how far gaming has come.Not in terms of producing more polygons or realistic physics,it all all about the thing called narrative. When a game conveys some emotions in the player,it elevates in level of Art.How many games in the market makes you feel that way?While ME3 had it’s faults and missteps,it is undoubtedly one of the best games of 2012.

Games can be a form of art–perhaps no other game can signify this like the ME trilogy.Never before has player choice been so important in gaming.The narrative of a game can be as moving as anything like a movie or a book.ME series sums up the entire 7th generation of gaming to me.Just looking at all the enraged reaction about the ending of ME3 shows how much impact the series has on the gaming population.If I don’t like how the story of a game ends up,I don’t & I move on.It was’nt the case with ME.This trilogy & it’s characters have struck such a chord with gamers all over,it was not only Bioware’s creation,it was the gamer’s own sci-fi adventure,the one they created with their own choices & consequences over 5 years.It’s totally shows how revered this series is.

The ME trilogy is a triumph of gaming overall—it shows a game can deliver a narrative that is unmatched by all the other forms of entertainment in scale & interaction.It will always continue to be a legacy of gaming advancement–not just in terms of technicality but in terms of one of the basic elements that is called storytelling.Mass Effect trilogy is truly the Star Wars of gaming.I have high hopes for whatever Bioware cooks up next in the Mass Effect universe,the bar has never been higher.