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Games that can turn anyone into an avid gamer

Sure,Videogames are amazing,but the general consensus about games are not so positive,in fact quite the opposite.Many point their fingers at videogames as a real factor in criminal behavior,violence or any social evil they can come up with.What’s worse,gaming is associated in the minds of the many as just another “unproductive” way of killing time.It’s really disappointing how people are so quick to pass judgement or blame something which they do not understand.Sure games use violence & generally involves killing people,but that violence is always used within a context to depict something of a greater value.Really,can anyone say after completing a game that it was nothing more than a simulation of manslaughter?

The games mentioned in this list are all the reasons to prove those wrong who have such hatred or negative beliefs towards gaming without ever knowing how it feels to play even a single game.So the next time you see one of your friend,parent,teacher or anyone saying that videogames are nothing more than engaging in ultraviolent activities or something ‘taboo’,just encourage them to play any one of these games for at least an hour & they will be succumbed helplessly to the power of the supreme interactive entertainment that videogames truly are.And yes,remind them to pick up their jaws from the floor due to the sheer awesomeness that these games will throw at them at an unrelenting pace.

on your command

on your command

5.Marvel Ultimate Alliance:The definitive game for all the comics fans out there.A game where you can control characters like Spiderman,Iron man,Thor,Doctor Strange,Wolverine and many others in an entertaining plot consisting of almost all the super villains in the marvel universe & visiting all the memorable places ranging from Atlantis to Asgard–this game is simply a must for even the most casual fans out there.Not the best action rpg(obviously),the game still provides many hours of engaging gameplay & lots of collectibles.

4.Batman:Arkham Asylum:This is simply the game all Dark knight fans needs & deserves.Rocksteady’s masterpiece grants the player to literally get into the cowl of the caped crusader in one of the most intriguing batman stories ever conceived.The game pits Batman in the iconic Arkham asylum against many of his foes including the likes of the Joker,Bane,Scarecrow,killer croc,has diamond polished level of gameplay & nails pretty much everything else.It’s really hard to find faults with this game.

3.Mass Effect:Let’s face it,EVERYONE loves stories and this is what the Mass Effect series has in abundance.The original mass effect from 2007 in my opinion,is the strongest in the series in terms of storytelling.The story of organics & synthetics,all the different species,the mass relays,the mysterious machine race known as Reapers & a fully realized galaxy with vast lore is enough to get lost in for anyone no matter how much disinterest he/she might hold for gaming.By the time someone finishes this game,they simply cannot wait to play Mass Effect 2 & 3 & proudly call themselves a fan.

2.Portal:Playing Portal is a realization of what interactive mediums such as videogames are truly capable of.Through the use of mind bending fun gameplay & clever narrative,portal packs more than enough punches to win anyone’s heart(and mind) and convert them to a gamer.Puzzle solving has never been this much addictive.Gamer or non-gamer,it’s literally impossible for anyone to play Portal and not love it and the credits song just serves as the icing on the cake(pun very much intended).

1.The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim–Skyrim is the creme de la crem experience of anyone looking for an adventure and simply put,that’s pretty much everyone.This is a game that not only converts anyone into an avid gamer,it makes a slave out of them.College semesters,Office schedules & all other mundane activities simply disappears into the wind as the player looks at the far horizons from the peak of High Hrothgar.And even if they manage to get on with regular life,the mysterious cave in the forest they found last night or how to forge a dragon armor cloud their thoughts.Skyrim casts a spell on anyone who plays it & doesn’t let go,not before consuming more than a thousand hours of their lives,maybe even more.No matter how much negativity anyone holds about videogames,after getting a taste of Skyrim he/she will wonder what they have been doing all these years & what took them so long.Yup,that’s the power of videogames.


The Most Important games of the 7th generation gaming(PC)

Here we are,at the closing end of this generation of gaming which started around 2006.This generation has been one of the longest in gaming history & certainly one of the most remembered one.Many great games have been released in this period but only a few of these have left their mark on gaming history and changed the perspective of games as a true form of art.Below is a list of these games which I personally believe,has been most influential,most important in this generation.So without further ado,here goes:

7.Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare:  Let me be clear,I believe that the COD franchise hasn’t seen much significant innovation since 2007 & with a cod-game-every year move of the franchise,it’s true that this franchise no longer holds the same seal of unmistakable quality that it once did.But can anyone disagree that COD4,released in 2007,which played a key part in making this franchise a pop culture phenomena it now enjoys,is a Beast?It was a breath of fresh air into the franchise & created the perk based deep,engaging multiplayer that has become a staple of the series.It started the whole short-but-memorable filled with scripted events linear single player and increased focus in online multiplayer model that has been viciously used in the majority of fps’ in the past couple of years.While I am not overly fond of the short campaign design of fps’,but it is undeniable that the COD franchise left it’s mark on this generation.The fact that it’s the best game in the franchise earns the game it’s spot on this list.


6.Portal 2: The original portal,which was released with the Orange Box back in 2007,showed a glimpse of groundbreaking,mind bending fun gameplay previously unseen in the fps genre.Released in 2011,Portal 2 released the full potential of it’s predecessor & delivered one of the greatest fps experience ever.It improved over it’s predecessor in every possible way.A terrific narrative(we all know when it comes to fps storytelling,the mighty Valve is second to none,they invented it in fact),some of the greatest level design ever seen all held together by awe inspiring gameplay that makes the gamer feel smart & you know it ‘s gonna take a place in gaming history.Portal 2 has greatness written all over it.Easily one of gaming’s most revered creation.


5.Batman:Arkham City:Possibly the finest 3rd-person action adventure game of this generation,Rocksteady studios have hit the home run with Arkham City.Engaging narrative with phenomenal presentation–check,meticulously polished & constantly enjoyable fluid,seamless gameplay that creates a sense of empowerment & freedom–double check,terrific longevity—check.Arkham city is one of the few games that has not a single moment that is not enjoyable.The impact of the Arkham games on other 3rd person action adventure games is huge,see in this link how the combat of Arkham games has helped shape the gameplay of Assasins creed 3.A game that achieves this much truly belongs so high in this list.


4.The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim:In the wake of short single player games in the industry,Skyrim takes you out on a journey of unparalleled freedom to a whole new world filled with enough adventure to put all those games out there to shame.Skyrim offers the gamer to carve their own adventure in their own way.It’s massive & yet personal.Skyrim creates a bond between the World & the player in a way that no other open world game has managed to do.You can pour over 1000 hours in the game & still not be anywhere near when you can say it’s done.The World seems almost organic—memorable moments & surprises lurk around every corner.There’s always a glimpse of shimmering light in the distance or an undiscovered village with secrets vying for the gamer to indulge.Play as any type of character you like,go anywhere,do anything you want & by the the time you fight a dragon for the first time in a blizzard or climb up a mountain and stare at the sunrise,you’ll know the game belongs in this list.


3.Grand Theft Auto 4:There has been plenty of open world games in this generation,but in my opinion,none came close to deliver an experience as memorable as GTA4.But GTA4 is so much more than a great open world game.The story is surprisingly dark & mature–it’s a tale of an immigrant war veteran & his cousin seeking fortune in America,where they find the real truth behind the land of oppurtunity as their hopes & dreams turmoil.Liberty city(GTA’s version of New York) is the most detailed & lively virtual open world I’ve experienced.From T.V advertisements,comedy club shows,the radio station,the internet & even your cell phone,Liberty city makes you feel one of the citizens. I also find GTA4 as a powerful(& sadistic) reflection on the popular culture.From the reality T.V shows(I’m Rich) showcasing the spoiled & misleading celebrity culture to the election campaign commercials on the radio,the game explores every crack in the modern world in it’s own twisted view(in my opinion).The presentation & narrative is some of the best I’ve seen in a videogame  with truly memorable characters & the gameplay is as frantic as anything in the series.GTA 4 is not just one of the best games ever made,it’s a class act.


2.Bioshock:If there was a single game that validates the whole videogames-can-be-art argument,this would be it.Bioshock is like a melting pot of some of the greatest ideas ever introduced in gaming.A breathtaking art deco underwater city,emergent sandbox gameplay,arguably the best narrative in gaming,memorable characters & of course,Ayn Rand.The narrative of Bioshock is the best I’ve ever seen in an fps & the plot twist is so bewildering that it has to be experienced to be believed.The game is the finest example & showpiece that videogames can craft narratives that can be unmatched by any other media.Rapture is built of many intricate layers & the deeper the gamer explores,the more compelling it becomes.Bioshock is one of those timeless experiences that demands revisiting and getting something new out of it each time.


1.Mass Effect 2:This is it folks,the game that to me,sums up the whole 7th generation of gaming.Memorable characters,unforgettable story,addictive gameplay,sky-high longevity–Mass Effect 2 is so much greater than the sum of all these parts.Above all others,it puts the gamer at the center of it’s universe–never been player choice has so much important in gaming history.The gamer gets to shape the whole story in mass effect–every little aspect of it & this emphasis on the player is what makes the Mass Effect series so unforgettable.It’s your own sci-fi adventure to direct & experience.Many years from now,Mass Effect 2,the best in the series will still be remembered as a beacon in gaming history as one of the greatest gaming experiences ever & will continue to influence countless games in terms of storytelling.It’s easy to write countless words describing the greatness that is Mass Effect 2,so I won’t go any further and leave it to the gamer to experience in all it’s glory.

  It’s only my opinion & I look forward what you think about all this.write it at the comments section…